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How Well Does Farafena's Gluten- Free Fonio Flour Bake?

Answer: Yes! Our gluten-free Fonio flour is known for its exceptional binding properties, so unlike many gluten-free flours it has a smooth, fine consistency and does not crumble at all, when baking. It tastes delicious too.

What Can I Make With Moringa?

Answer: This miracle superfood is being touted as a direct competitor to tumeric in the fight against inflammation. It can be mixed into everything from smoothies to juice to energy bars to tea! Try it with cacao, almond butter, fruit and nut or pea-protein milk. It will supercharge your day.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Baobab?

Answer: Unlike most fruit and vegetables, which have been altered as a result of human intervention over the millennia, the Baobab is a truly ancient food packed with more vitamin C than oranges, more potassium than bananas, more antioxidants than blueberries and more calcium level of milk. It is also high in iron and magnesium, is stuffed with fibre and, as if that wasn't enough, has prebiotic qualities that can stimulate your gut's “good bacteria”.

Is Fonio An Ancient Grain?

Fonio is an ancient, unmodified grain, that has not been changed by selective breeding over recent millennia, as opposed to more widespread cereals such as corn, rice and modern varieties of wheat, which are the product of thousands of years of selective breeding. Fonio is fluffy, easy to cook and delicious, and can be enjoyed in dishes in the same way as rice, couscous and quinoa.

Why Is Moringa Called A Miracle Plant?

Moringa leaves, which grind down to a green velvet-like powder, first came on the wellness scene approximately two years ago. It was named one of Well+Good‘s 2018 top wellness trends for its potent anti-inflammatory properties.